Somizi. Picture: Instagram

Local entertainer Somizi opened up about his private life during an interview on Trending SA this week.

In the interview, 'Trending SA' host Khuli Roberts asked him if the rumours of him being engaged are true with Somizi replying: "No, I'm not engaged.but I'm in a relationship".

He added, "I keep my relationship private, and I do it to protect the person I'm seeing... my relationship is not a secret, it's private"

Roberts also asked the nature of his relantionship with his straight male friend TT Mbha probing to find out if anything ever happened between the two of them.

"What is wrong with two people who are genuinely friends but their sexuality is different? What is wrong with two people who are friends, or lovers, but their races are different? Let's stop this stigma. Not every gay man wants to be in your pants. Also, we have a type," he said.

The singer also revealed why he decide to write his memoir 'Dominoes', stating that he felt that he had a unique story to tell.

Watch the full interview below: