Sophie Ndaba responds to negative comments about her weight loss

Sophie Ndaba. Picture: Instagram

Sophie Ndaba. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 1, 2018


South African actress Sophie Ndaba has undergone a dramatic body transformation that has resulted in allegations about her health being made on social media about her weight loss.

During an interview with Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast team in August, the former "Generations" actress said that there's no secret to her weight loss, only "hard work".

“I think I’ve overworked on it,” she said at the time.

“But I’ve worked on it and you can never lose when you’ve lost so much weight, and I’ve really, really worked on it because I just wanted to be a new me, a new everything".

Now, the 46-year-old actress has taken to Instagram to hit back at her critics, after a "before and after" picture of the actress’ weight transformation circulated on social media, coupled with negative comments about her weight loss.

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In the post, Ndaba explains why she started her weight loss journey and reveals the health challenges she faced before her dramatic weight transformation.

“I made a confident choice to start eating well and lose weight. Yes it’s been a year of healthy eating and I’m proud of where I am,” Ndaba wrote.

Ndaba, who's living with diabetes, vowed to fight and encourage those who are suffering from the deadly disease and helps others prevent it. She said that she's lost both her parents to the disease and is now "fighting it daily to live for my children and family".

“I’m an ambassador for those of us suffering from diabetes and those who are obese but too scared to fight. I will never hide for anyone. Life too precious! ” she wrote.

Ndaba also revealed that she will be starting a blog.

Read her full post below.

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Happy Friday Angel's. I'm sending my love to all my friends and family who are concernrd about my weight and health. Living with Diabetes doesn't mean my life must stop. It means I will fight to live and encourage those who already are suffering from this deadly disease. Help others prevent it. I started my weight loss journey because I was Obese and it affected my health. I made a confident choice to start eating well and loose weight. Yes it's been a year of healthy eating and I'm proud of where I am. I want to encourage those who are struggling with obesity and say don't worry what people think even if they will think you're dying. Being overweight landed me in hospital. I made my weight loss choice. I'm proud of it! I'm excited my fridge looks pretty 5 colours without fail. I will eventually reach myt goal weight. Through healthy eating. Starting my blog soon. So am Im definitely excited that God allowed me to go through this test to save lives. Some people sadden me because I have lost both my parents through Diabetes I nursed them so I know this killer disease. ITS REAL. No joke. Our fellow sisters and brothers commit suicide because of pressure of what you negative heartless people think. I stopped worrying what any negative person thinks long ago. Just surprised that grown people share such heartless opinions. Where families are praying fasting for goodness health. I'm fighting it daily to live for my children and family. God is my biggest partner in this fight then my Hubby friends and family. So I'm excited to spend my Friday with hubby. " Rejole🤩 " I feel fabulous and thats a blessing I will not swap. I'm an ambassador for those of us suffering from Diabetes. And those who are Obese but too scared to fight. I will never hide for anyone . Life too precious! #TeamLichaba #mamalepapaL

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