AKA and Bonang Matheba during their relationship. Picture: Bonang Matheba/Instagram

Rapper AKA was filmed previewing one of his tracks for his upcoming album, 'Touch My Blood,' and the video made its way onto the social media on Wednesday. But what the made the video trend was a few lines that are apparently about his ex-girlfriend, Bonang Matheba.

While the rapper didn't mention any names, he raps: "Waited two years just to see you with your weave off, tell me what that say about your character, you was f**king me when I was busy paying damages."


Twitter blew up as fans rallied on Twitter streets and assumed their stance: Team A or Team B — those supporting Bonang and those in favour of AKA

However, things took a sharp turn when Bonang took to Twitter to have a good laugh with an "LOL!!" tweet.

Fans obviously assumed that this was her response to the hot debate, but what no-one could've anticipated what would follow.

AKA seemingly responded by sharing a series of tweets, making reference to the "truth", "rocks you pull out of a river" which he allegedly found in a bag in his bedroom and it's not "bath salts" — in case you were wondering. He's also apparently bitter about love.

Tweeps were left scratching their heads, while others pulled receipts from 2015 and 2016 when AKA threw shade at his baby mama DJ Zinhle.

While others simply pulled up a chair and started "serving refreshments" because it seems that the Bonang and AKA saga is far from over.

Then another plot twist. Cheating. AKA then tweeted: "I abandoned my entire family only to get cheated on. That’s Karma. (sic)"

Another thing that stood out among AKA's series of tweets it that it apparently contained "ads" for his upcoming album set for release on 15 June. He literally shared the album cover multiple times between his rants. 

Meanwhile, 'Being Bonang' also recently returned for season 2.

One can't say for sure whether this online airing of dirty laundry is the real deal, or simply another publicity stunt because neither AKA or Bonang actually mention each other in their tweets.

Guess fans will have to buy his new album or watch the next episode of 'Being Bonang' to find out...