Thuso Mbedu. Picture: Instagram
Thuso Mbedu. Picture: Instagram

Thuso Mbedu adds her voice to the SA unrest

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Jul 12, 2021

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South African and Emmy nominated actress Thuso Mbedu, who is making waves in Hollywood, still found the time to add her voice to the unrest happening in various parts of the country.

“The Underground Railroad” star took to Twitter to reveal her thoughts on the current volatile situation happening in her home country.

Since the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma, pro-Zuma protesters have made it their duty to cripple the country.

They have burnt roads and vehicles and looted small and big businesses.

They have also damaged electricity and water pipes in some areas.

With regard to the protests, Mbedu wrote: “The government was shortsighted in their stealing from the people for years.

“Our keyboard Warriors were shortsighted in their response to the observation of what seemed inevitable.

“The hungry people seem shortsighted in their looting and burning. There will be dire consequences,” said the actress.

She continued the thread: “The ripple effect is scary. There’s some serious collateral damage.

“People tweet and defend from the comfort of their own homes. Others speak from experience.

“Remember that your experience doesn’t invalidate the reality of the next person. Exercise a little empathy,” she said.

Thuso’s fans engaged in the conversation saying that things are dire and it needs addressing.

“And there’s no quick fix to this... Things are dire on so many levels that need addressing.

“As you said, empathy is one of the key things needed. Especially by people who are, or proclaim to want to fix what's going on,” said @yazzthestudent.

While @katTshabalala1 said: “I don't think this will end anytime soon”, to which Thuso said that is what scares her the most.

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