Toya Delazy shares family photo with newborn and reveals her powerful name

Toya Delazy and Alisson ‘Ally’ Chaig. Picture: Instagram

Toya Delazy and Alisson ‘Ally’ Chaig. Picture: Instagram

Published May 30, 2022


Musician Toya Delazy has revealed her new born baby girl’s name, and it is powerful.

The “Love Is In The Air” hitmaker took to Facebook to share a family photograph of her and wife Alisson “Ally” Chaig, with their new bundle of joy.

The post explained the run-up to the birth, as well as the inspiration behind the powerful name – Kali Langa.

Delazy also revealed that the bouncy baby girl was born on the very day her great (x5) grandfather Dinuzulu kaCetshwayo was officially recognised as King of the Zulus, by the British government, on May 20, 1884.

In the post she wrote: “S I V U K I L E And then, we were 3 Bags were packed, Uber at the door. After your mommies squats, raspberry leaf teas, meditations and belly rubs, You were finally ready to meet us and see the world on the 20th May 2022, in London E1, where our UK adventure started for your mum and I, 7 years ago.”

She continued: “Kali Langa, your name means Strength in Swahili and Sunshine in Zulu, just like the ray of sun that pierced through the clouds at 17.15, indeed kwakhala ilanga englandi liguqubele (the sun never sets on a cloud), magically illuminating the whole city as you peaked through, one eye open, ready for this adventure called life.

“You also carry the powerful name of a Hindu goddess, representing Time, the force of nature and divine feminine. You are also born on the day your great⁵ grandfather King Dinizulu ka cetshwayo was officially recognised as King of the zulus by the british government.

“Baby you already carry so much history, but hold it with pride for its yours. You're so beautiful, I will love you forever, I will protect you with all my strength, and I will be your guide whenever you need me little one. Xxx. Universe, thank you for this gift.

“Alisson, I love you, thanks for being such an amazing wife, partner in crime and now, mum (milk warrior). Kali Langa Chaigneau-Buthelezi, 20/5/22, 3.520kgs, +/- 50cm 🧿,” she ended the post.

Taking to the comments, excited fans, loving the baby’s name, wished the couple well.

Local comedian Thenjiwe Moseley wrote: “Congratulations mummies. Kali Langa, I can't wait to hold you😍.”

LethuMbuso Buda said: “Congratulations yet again 💫🍃for bringing yet another ancestor to life 🌹🌻Kali Langa Chaigneau Buthelezi, a Cute baby she is 😍, I believe that my baby and grandchildren will look up to her to learn about our history and spirituality, just like we do learn from you Toya Delazy . 🌹🌻💫❤Sithokozile 🙏👌🍃❤💫.”

Dudette LaNkanyezi wrote: “Welcome to the world of Afrorave kiddo laphuma lilanga 🌦️🌦️🌦️💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 Thank you Alisson for this cute brand new human.”

And Blu Baba commented: “Oh man congratulations to you and Allison. Kali Langa is gonna bring you blessings in abundance. May God restore you three. Wishing you all the best💙💙💙💙🐞.”