Phil Mphela and Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram

Media personality Bonang Matheba who is known for her calm demeanour, especially on social media, took on local entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela and dragged him in the streets of Twitterville.

It all started when Mphela decided to weigh in on Matheba’s R10m pending lawsuit against Sunday World following reports that she was allegedly due in the Johannesburg Specialised Commercial Crime Court last Monday for “tax fraud”.

Taking to Twitter, Mphela wrote: "My thoughts: Moghel should have just let this go. It's tabloid and responding or suing only gives the story traction.
“Furthermore, I don't think it is wise for her to be waging a war with journos. Her influence is waning & she needs positive coverage to remain at the top."

Matheba responded with "Go f*** yourself! Honestly."

And that was the beginning of the twar that kept the duo topping the trend list since Tuesday.

Matheba didn't just leave it there, she came hard on Mphela after he said he thought Matheba blocked him.

She continued: " I’m the person you have an issue yet you still NOT ADDRESSING ME! You’re weak! I’m STILL WAITING!"

She even warned Mphela that if he doesn't stop, she will "beat the sh**" out of him.

Mphela clapped back that Queen B, "f**k you too".

"Ok know what I'm done being nice. FUCK YOU TOO @bonang_m and your minions."

Your delusion of grandeur is getting to your head. You can't do shit to me. Someone lied to your and told you that powerful girl. Ignored your vitriol all day and now once again you crossing a line."

Phela then called Matheba a liar, he also threatened to drop some files on Bonang about a Sun City trip in 2012.

Tweeps didn't sleep waiting for the Sun City tea to spill but produced dololo files.

Check out some of these hilarious memes about "what happened in Sun City".

The BForce also jumped in, calling Mphela an attention seeker.

Many applauded Matheba for standing up against Mphela.

Some seemingly did their own digging, revealing that Matheba was caught giving Tekno, a Nigerian singer, oral sex. Queen B immediately shot the rumour down.

As the wait for Bonang's "Sun City" file to drop, Sun City gave a cheeky response to the twar.