Zodwa Wabantu: Instagram
Zodwa Wabantu: Instagram

Twitter is divided on canning 'Zodwa Uncensored'

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jul 9, 2019

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Zodwa Wabantu's controversial comments about gay men are still ruffling feathers on social media. 

On Saturday, during her Moja Love reality TV show 'Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored', the dancer commented that gay people are too dramatic and "forgetting that they don't have vaginas".

Shortly after the show, viewers took to social media to express their outrage over what they felt were homophobic comments under the #ZondwaCancelled. 

One viewer lodged a complaint with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA).

The statement reads: “Zodwa WaBantu's reality show which broadcasts on DSTV Channel 157 #ZodwaUncensored has revealed that Zodwa WaBantu is homophobic and transphobic through her ignorant comments she made on last week's episode stating that gay men should not behave like women because they do not have vaginas but women do and she also stated that gay people are being done a favour to even be allowed to exist at the same spaces. 

The statement continued: “These comments are homophobic and transphobic therefore something has to be done. Zodwa WaBantu's show is on a live broadcast show which means these comments went through several producers or stages before it was decided that it will be broadcast without any person picking up that these comments were homophobic therefore pose a threat to the members of the LGBT+ at large.”

And there is currently an online petition calling for her show to be cancelled.

Though she tried to defend her comments by saying that she has gay friends, it seems that Zodwa has added more salt to the wound.

"How can I be homophobic when I have more than 20 gay friends. Even my designer is gay. I was talking about my friends," she told SowetanLIVE.

Another hashtag ‘Save Zodwa Wabantu's Show’ emerged, which received mixed reactions about the reality TV star and her show.


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