Stogie T. Picture: Twitter

Local rapper Tumi "Stogie T" Molekane landed himself in hot after tweeting that a “young dude” approached him at a robot and asked him to listen to a few hip-hop bars and instead of listening, Stogie T told him to stop focusing on hip-hop to "go get a paying job".

“Young dude stopped me by the car, said 'wanna hear the bars' nah go get a job,” wrote Stogie T.

Twitter didn't waste any time and started firing shots at Stogie. 

While some were condemning what he said to the young man, others started body shamming the rapper, calling him all sorts of crude names and even creating a StogieTrash hashtag.

The comments didn't faze Stogie, he went back on Twitter in an attempt to defend himself stating: "I get it y'all. You guys see these hopefuls and think maybe. I see all the ones that ain't make it. My memory branded with their faces. Working streets & petrol stations. I say 'get a job' y'all say It's a lot of hate conversation. I say game only open to a lotto combination." But tweeps were having none of it: IOL