Tyla educates US radio hosts on SA slang: ‘Voetsek is like saying f**k off’

Tyla recently had an interview in L.A for The Real 92.3. Picture: YouTube

Tyla recently had an interview in L.A for The Real 92.3. Picture: YouTube

Published Nov 22, 2023


Over the past few weeks, Tyla has been on a rigorous media tour across the US and Europe that’s seen her appear on several major platforms, including Power 106 Los Angeles and Capital XTRA.

A few days ago, the 21-year-old South African star sat down with the The Real 92.3 LA hosts to discuss a range of topics, including, of course, the success of ‘Water’, what guys do that irritates her and how she tried to be a YouTube influencer.

Towards the end of the interview, one of the co-hosts, DJ Lechero, tried to show off some of the South African vernac he’d discovered online. It started off harmlessly enough as he blurted out “yebo” and “takkies”.

When he added “voetsek” to the mix, Tyla stepped in, “That’s bad, that’s a bad word. It’s like f* off.”

Lechero quickly changed topic and went on to ask her if she had any pet peeves or things she hated.

“Mean people, rude people. I’m just like what the heck? Or people that act cool. It’s so annoying, it’s just like what the heck are you doing?” She went on to hilariously imitate the face of someone trying to act cool.

“And you know the guys, they try and pick me up with that (face), but they already lost before they’ve started.” She also added that an automatic red flag for her is when a guy is too “forward”.

“They’re just like, ‘Girl I like you’. That’s already like huh uh, you don’t like me. You just want something, that’s what you want. I know. I know how guys are.”