Da L.E.S. Picture: Instagram

It's not often that local artists get dragged by the American faction of Black Twitter but Da L.E.S found himself on the receiving end for an outfit he wore to a basketball game. 

This came after US basketball publication SLAM Magazine posted a video of Da L.E.S. wearing a head-to-toe Cleveland Cavaliers uniform at the game over the weekend captioning the post:  "Whose mans pulled up in the head-to-toe LeBron fit?". 

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It didn't take long for tweeps to throw shade and read the 'Lifestyle' rapper's outfit for filth. 

With American tweeps commenting on his choice of wearing a fanny pack and question why he was wearing an armband.

Fortunately, South African tweeps came to the rapper's defence and tried to negate some of the harsh criticism Da L.E.S was recieving.