Trevor Noah. Picture: Reuters/Mike Blake
Trevor Noah. Picture: Reuters/Mike Blake

WATCH: American TikToker takes aim at Trevor Noah

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Apr 29, 2021

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WARNING: The video below contains strong language.

While Trevor Noah is known for making millions of people across the world laugh and keep viewers of his primetime show informed, one person can’t stand him.

American TikTok user Doug Romeo launched into “The Daily Show” host in a video that has gone viral on the social media app.

In the video, Doug explains why he hates Trevor.

Doug said that Trevor went to America to look for a better life and was provided one but still “had the nerve to talk sh*t about how bad everyone is”.

“I’d prefer it if you stayed at home and not had any part of our society because you are the problem.

“You come over here, you talk about how badly black people in America have it — how the f**k would you know? How do you know that?

“You’ve never struggled in this country, you live in mansions, you’re taking it easy. What’s your fu***ng struggle?” he asked.

The TikTok user went on to say how he would never live in South Africa.



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Earlier this month, Trevor criticised the policing system in the US following the death of Daunte Wright.

The 20-year-old black man was fatally shot by a police officer who claimed that it was an “accidental discharge” as she mistook her gun for a taser.

Speaking on “The Daily Show”, Trevor expressed his thoughts on the police and how these devastating “mistakes” continue because of alleged trigger-happy behaviour.

“You have to be f****** kidding me. A man was shot at a traffic stop because the police officer mixed up their gun and their taser?

“Is that even supposed to be a legitimate excuse?

“And the reason they don't care is because they know they’re going to get away with it. And until that changes, they’re just going to keep not caring,” he said.

Not one to shy away from discussing emotionally-charged issues on his show, the South African star has not kept his opinions on the police to himself.

Last year, after the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement, Trevor opened up about the realities of being black in America.

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