Actor Atandwa Kani. Picture: Itumeleng English
Actor Atandwa Kani. Picture: Itumeleng English

WATCH: Atandwa Kani thinks of himself as a sex symbol

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Jul 9, 2020

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Actor Atandwa Kani has come out and defended his credentials as the “Prince of Theatre”, claiming to be a “sex symbol of screen”.

By the looks of things, the "Black Panther" star wants his haters to put some respect on his name.

Atandwa recently sat down with comedian Tats Nkonzo for a quick chat and said people have told him he is not the Prince of Theatre because the title does not exist. He said the title exists because he used it and just laughed off the hate.

“Am I still the Prince of Theatre? I have always been and I will always be the Prince of Theatre in all of your minds. Listen, I am the sex symbol of screen.”

The actor got deep when he dropped the claim that haters cannot argue with you if you know what you know.

Tats paid tribute to his friend, saying that the world will not forget Atandwa Kani.

“Some saw him as arrogant. Some saw him as confident. But all saw him,” Tats wrote. 

Watch the full video below:   

Last month he shared his thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, penning an emotional and fiery open letter to racist white people.

He expressed his anger at the brutality, fuelled by racism, that people of colour all over the world have been subjected to in recent weeks.

“Dear white people: F*** your discomfort! F*** you and your entitlement (whether you understand it or not) ... F*** all of you who fight to be the owners of any land: you rogue, homeless, evil, inhuman, useless pieces of spiteful a**h****. Take offense! I dare you satan!” he tweeted.

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