Emtee. Picture: Supplied

Local rapper Emtee has hit back at critics claiming that he as a fake American accent.

Last night the 'We Up' rapper posted a video on Instagram addressing criticism that the rapper has a fake American accent.

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This is likely in response to AKA calling out local rappers for having American accents in his new song, 'Star Signs'. 

Which is surprising since Supa Mega is born and bred Capetonian has also been criticised for his fake American accent. 

In the video, Emtee claims to not have an American accent then contradicts himself by saying that people should be glad that he at least has a "black American" accent and "this" accent is "hip-hop". 

Even though hip-hop is a music genre started by African Americans in the Bronx, New York City, which by default means that they have American accents.