WATCH: Fans are loving the new member of Black Motion after the duo splits

Thabo Smol and Problem Child Ten83. Picture: Instagram

Thabo Smol and Problem Child Ten83. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 8, 2022


After months of rumours about a split, which the duo repeatedly denied, I have it on good authority that the original Black Motion duo have officially gone their separate ways after over a decade together.

Mörda, whose real name is Robert Bongani Mohosana, is exploring his own solo career while the talented and versatile DJ, Problem Child Ten83, replaces him to partner with Thabo Smol as the new face of Black Motion.

The new duo has been trending since a clip of them performing together for the first time at Kunye over the weekend went viral .

In the clip, the crowd is absolutely loving their set as Ten83 mans the decks while Smol does what he does best on the drums by the side of the stage.

“Anyway… welcome new member of Black Motion… Kabelo Kamo!!! Today at Kunye,” shared @BanTwo.

Mörda, who was previously known as MurdahBongz until he changed his name back in May, recently released his debut album as a solo artist titled “Asante”.

Asante is the name of his daughter with DJ Zinhle.

“I can’t explain to you how amazing it feels to finally be releasing music under Mörda,” he said at the time.

“At first, I was quite nervous, not because of the reactions from people but that little self doubt one has when making an uncomfortable move towards growth but as soon as I pressed that first key knowing this is all me, it felt like I was being reborn.”

“Asante” features the likes of Focalistic, Murumba Pitch, Brenden Praise, Mwha Keys, Oscar Mbo, Nhlonipho, Yallunder, Lyric Shox, Azana and Thakzin. The lead single for this project is a song for lovers called “Summer Love”.

Meanwhile fans seem to be loving the new Black Motion.

“I see Problem Child taking the group to another higher level,” Tweeted @tebogo5464. “Good for Thabo for not letting Black Motion die.”

— Teb_Andy (@tebogo5464) November 6, 2022

“Yeses those who don’t know problem child are about to find out how talented this guy is🔥🔥🔥👌👌,” added @sewelankoana.

“Where has he been? I'm so loving this,” commented @mavivana_. “You know this video made my day❤ I was deeply hurt to see Thabo thrown away like that. I don't care what he did to Bongz but he deserves to win #ILoveBlackMotion”

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