Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Instagram
Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Khanyi Mbau finally reveals why she left Kudzai in Dubai

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Nov 15, 2021

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Media personality Khanyi Mbau has finally lifted the lid on why she left her boyfriend in Dubai.

In September, Khanyi and her Zimbabwean-born boyfriend, Kudzai Mushonga made headlines after he suggested that Khanyi was missing in Dubai.

He said he had dropped off Khanyi at a salon and planned to pick her up when she was done, which never happened.

He posted a video of himself looking for Khanyi and said he was unable to find her.

A few hours later, Kudzai revealed that the “Abomama” star had returned to South Africa, along with other details of their relationship.

Now, in a radio interview, Khanyi has said that she left in a hurry to protect her mental space.

She also explained why she produced a song, “Shiya Indoda e Dubai”, once she returned home.

“I have never spoken about this Dubai thing. People saw the song as a mockery, it was actually a statement to empower you and say know your worth, if you’re not happy in a place never stay, leave and work things out,” she said.

Khanyi said she dedicated the song to Kudzai.

I dedicated it to him for being a man and showing emotions and fighting for the person he loves publicly,” she said.

When asked why she left Dubai, Khanyi said: “It was just a choice of I need to protect my mental health right now, I can’t function in this environment, let me go home. It was not out of anything (else).”

A few weeks later, Khanyi got on a first-class flight to Dubai and reunited with Kudzai.

“I hate leaving things unfinished. We needed to sit and have a conversation. At the time our relationship was eight months old and we had our biggest fight. We had to have a proper sit-down and look at where did we lose it,” she said.

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