Somizi and Pearl. Picture: Twitter
Media personality  Somizi Mhlongo  is not someone to shy away from speaking his mind, and his tell-all interview with Pearl Thusi on " Behind The Story" on Tuesday night  was no exception. 

The  "Idols SA" judge and Thusi spoke about a lot of things, and one hot topic was  his fallout with Bonang Matheba

The star was asked why his friendship with Bonang ended abruptly and before answering, Somizi said, "I don't really want to talk about that", but he did. 

It's been almost three years since the pair's friendship ended, and according to Somizi, it all went south when Bonang accused him of telling DJ Zinhle about her relationship with AKA. 

"The less I give airtime to the Bonang story the better because I am at a level where she is a persona non grata, so lets cut that," he said. 

He did, however, add that Queen B is a "nobody" and that he hates being asked. 

"She is non-existent, she's nobody. When last did we hear or see anything work-related that's the greatest thing she has done and now we bringing her into the picture. This platform is too precious to be discussing things that really don't matter, and not in a bitter way," he said. 

"I hate it when people ask me about that friendship. That friendship was not the beginning and the end of life. It was nice when it happened and it was great when it ended, let's keep it moving, good God," he added. 

A stunned Pearl then asked him about his loyalty. Somizi revealed that he knew of Bonang and AKA's relationship for more than a year but did not feel it was his place to tell Zinhle, who was dating AKA at the time, about it. 

"Being loyal does not mean you must not know your place in situations, it wasn't my place (to tell DJ Zinhle), I knew about that relationship for over a year, during that time I was not that person that would say Zinhle lets do lunch together and then we sit over lunch and I don't tell her. I was never in a situation with Zinhle where I was cornered or felt guilty to tell her. Whether I liked it or not, it wasn't my place to tell her, my loyalty was to Bonang," he said. 

Somizi added that Zinhle called him after finding out. 

"There were many lies that I told Zinhle and Zinhle would say if I told her, when she called me to ask if I knew all this time that's when I said yes I did beca use she never called me about that before so I knew that she knew the truth." he explained. 

Somizi also spoke about his relationship with Mohale Motaung, saying he went public with it because of Mohale. "I hid my previous relationships because every guy that I dated was not man enough to be proud to be in a relationship with me," he said.