Prince Kaybee and Candice Modiselle. Picture: Instagram
Prince Kaybee and Candice Modiselle. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Prince Kaybee and Candice Modiselle discuss what keeps their A-game strong

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Apr 8, 2021

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Award-winning music DJ Prince Kaybee and actress Candice Modiselle opened up to their fans and shared advice on how to stay on your A-game in the entertainment industry.

Talking about what helps him stay on top of his game as a producer and musician in an IGTV chat with Candice, Kaybee said he understood at an early stage that one of the best ways to stay sharp was to never forget who you are even when you start becoming a big deal.

“It's funny because a lot of times when you are in a space where you are successful, you tend to outgrow all the things that made you who you are," Kaybee explained, before adding that it's easy to get lost in the fame and fortune that comes with recognition.

“When you're an artist and you get a big song, you don't celebrate first, you ask yourself what's next and you head back to studio.

“We are not supposed to see you in the club all the time or in the streets all the time just because you have a big song.

“Whatever made that big song, get back to it immediately.”

The former “Generations The Legacy” actress said the trick was in “the lil’ things” that people did to better themselves and their craft.

In the video, the pair who have always been vocal about the challenges faced within the industry, also went on to talk about how heartbroken they often are when they see how new breakout stars often lost everything soon after entering the industry because they lose themselves when they get famous.

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