WATCH: Sello Maake kaNcube and wife Pearl get matching tattoos

Sello Maake kaNcube with his wife Pearl. Picture: Instagram

Sello Maake kaNcube with his wife Pearl. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 11, 2022


This week veteran actor and playwright Sello Maake kaNcube got his first tattoo, at the age 62, in honour of his wife Pearl’s birthday celebration.

Pearl celebrated her 41st birthday on November 10.

“I finally gave in,“ said Maake kaNcube in a recent social media post.

“True Love is really blind and will drive you crazy,” he added.

It all started when Pearl surprised her hubby with a tattoo of his name on her ring finger, to mark their first wedding anniversary.

“Yesterday marked 365 days to our official home affairs signature date 😀and I got home to this wife of mine showing me this as a surprise 🥰😊😊 My name has replaced the ring! 😛😛now she has set up an appointment for me! Help good people,” revealed Maake kaNcube.

In the live video he shared live visuals of him getting a matching tattoo, with his wife’s name inked on his ring finger. He simply captioned the post: “I love my wife guys!”

Pearl can be heard saying: “My name looks beautiful on your finger.

Sello Maake kaNcube and wife Pearl get matching tattoes. Picture:Instagram

“Now we’re not only bound in marriage, but we’re together forever,” added Pearl, in between the chuckles.

“I’m wearing my heart on my finger,” shared Maake kaNcube.

In celebration of their one-year anniversary on October 17, the couple exchanged sweet tributes on social media.

Reflecting on their first meeting, Pearl said that after Maake kaNcube had turned down about four business meetings with her, she was shocked when he finally showed up at her mother’s place, over 24 months ago.

“We were supposed to have met a couple of times before we officially met. I wanted to work on a certain project with him and he kept on cancelling,” Pearl told IOL Entertainment.

“So, we both happen to know Lebo, who is married to Letoya Makhene. When I got the invitation (to Lebo and Letoya's engagement party), I asked him if he was attending and he said yes.”

“I then asked him to fetch me but because he had cancelled our business meetings too many times previously, I didn't think he was going to pitch. So I didn't even bother myself getting ready,” recalled Pearl.

“I was sitting at home, drinking wine with my friend who was visiting … I was at my mom's house at the time.

“When he arrived, my sister said ‘Ntate Sello is outside’. I said ‘what do you mean, he’s outside?’ I thought that was impossible,” she said in between chuckles.

Maake kaNcube added in the background: “And I had to wait two hours for her to get ready.”

“I had to make him wait. I thought to myself, what kind of human being are you, you cancel important meetings and you show up for a party.

“The nicest thing is I asked my sister to go check what he was wearing so I could compliment his look. And walked into that event like the couple that we are today. And, for me, the first moment I saw him, I knew he was my soulmate, he just didn’t know it yet,” she said.

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