Troy Sheperds. Picture: Instagram
Troy Sheperds. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Troy Sheperds responds to backlash from his feminism video

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Mar 2, 2021

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Local TikToker Troy Sheperds took to his TikTok page on Monday to address the backlash he received from his video about feminism.

In the initial video, Sheperds is seen listing various phrases feminists use and which he deems annoying, phrases such as “men are trash”, “toxic masculinity”, “women are superior” and “hating white men” and how any act of kindness is seen as an attack.

During each of the sections, he gives examples to explain why each of the phrases irritates him.

The video quickly made its way on the video-sharing app and Twitter, with many users deeming the video insensitive, misogynistic and embarrassing.

In his response video, Sheperds said that he was talking about feminists who misuse the things he mentioned in the video and that’s who it was aimed at.

Speaking about gender-based violence, he said: “And in relation to GBV, I never made jokes about GBV nor did I insinuate anything about GBV. People just took that video, took it out of context and said whatever they said I said. But I didn’t.“


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However, his explanation also received criticism. Fellow content creators calling him out in the comments section of the video and on Twitter.

TikToker Kat Slovak said: “Dawg just take responsibility for once, you f****ed up, just admit it.”

Beauty influencer Foyin Ogunrombi said: “You’re still wrong lmao this is one of the worst statements i’ve seen on this here app and that’s saying something.”

Satirical comedian and “Trending SA” host Lesego Tlhabi also weighed in on the matter: ”(Black) men really struggle with accountability. And a sincere apology. Everything is defence mode and lies to backtrack and it’s pure nonsense.“

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