Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram
Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu does not want visitors so she has no couches

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Mar 30, 2021

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The beauty of the world is how different we all are.

Some people love having visitors for example, while others would rather do without such.

One such person is Zodwa Wabantu. The star revealed this week that she is so against having people visit her in her home that she does not even have couches.

Zodwa took to Instagram she shared a video of the honest moment as she was about to shoot the diary sessions for her reality TV show, “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored”.

The Afrotainment star realised that the production crew had to move upstairs for the diary session to be filmed.

All because the reality TV star doesn't keep any furniture that people can sit on because she doesn't want them to get comfortable and stay longer than they should.

“Guys. I'm doing my diaries today ... then I'm thinking that I don't have a chair,” she started off by saying.

She went on to say: “You know why I don't buy a chair ... you are not welcome in my house. You are not here to stay long anyway ... you must state your business and then leave!

“When I got this house, you were not in my thoughts...like I should buy a chair for you, for when you visit or be prepared for your visit. Like, you must not stay long anyway, why do you want to sit?” Zodwa said.

She accompanied the video with a caption saying: “You are not Welcomed at my Home. Talk your Business & Leave”.

Watch the full video below:

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