James bond 007 first lady Berenice Marlohe speaks during an interview at the Venue in Melrose Arch moments before she conducted a press conference. Picture:Paballo Thekiso

Her name is Marlohe, Bérénice Marlohe – the latest Bond girl to be caught in the clutches of 007.

She’s French, she’s gorgeous, and she probably has the nicest smile I have ever seen in my life.

This is a story about my 15 minutes with a Bond girl.

My first impression upon meeting Marlohe, the Skyfall star, at Melrose Arch this week is that she is as hot in real life as she looked on the cover of FHM magazine.

I was so mesmerised by her earthly beauty and her lithe figure in that electric blue dress that I fumbled over my questions.

It didn’t help that Marlohe kept stroking my arms when I chatted to her. She really has soft hands.

However, Marlohe graciously allowed me to run through my questions.

The 33-year-old actress, who lives in Paris, spoke about how thrilled she was to be in South Africa, and that it was her personal choice to attend the Skyfall premiere in South Africa.

The film opens on circuit next week. She was brought to South Africa by Heineken.

“I was in Cape Town five years ago and fell in love with the country, the energy is just so great here,” said Marlohe.

“So ever since visiting Cape Town I have been dying to come back, because I loved my experience so much. When Heineken invited me to South Africa I just couldn’t say no.”

Marlohe admits she is exhausted by all the travelling, having attended premieres in Australia, Los Angeles, and Japan before coming to South Africa.

“I don’t mind it one bit though because I love travelling and meeting new people. The experience has been fantastic so far,” she says.

Because of her extremely busy schedule, Marlohe has to be on the move constantly. She speaks of her disappointment at only being able to stay in South Africa for two days.

“I would have loved to have stayed a little longer so I could have seen more of the country,” she says.

“I have a few free hours so I plan on going and seeing some lions. It has always been my dream to play with lion cubs so I’m very excited for that.”

It was “amazing” to work with Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, she says.

“He is fantastic, very talented and is a very funny man,” says Marlohe.

“In between takes, Daniel was so much fun, he made me laugh all the time. He is a beautiful human being. We were very comfortable with each other which was also really great.”

Marlohe says she struggled to get an audition for eight years before landing the biggest role of her career.

Before the role of Severine in Skyfall, Marlohe featured in several French TV series and comedies.

“Well, I was struggling a lot in France for the last eight years, not getting any auditions,” she says candidly.

“I decided to become my own agent and I went online searching for auditions.

“I happened to find out that they were doing auditions for the new Bond movie in Paris and so I sent in my reel.

“Thankfully they liked it and I went for three auditions, one of which was with Daniel Craig.”

Marlohe says she is a huge James Bond fan and watched her first Bond movie at the age of 12.

“Growing up I watched many Bond movies. The very first Bond movie I watched was A View to a Kill and absolutely loved it.

Marlohe has become the 23rd Bond girl. She says her favourite Bond girl to date has to be Famke Janssen who played the Bond girl in Goldeneye.

Marlohe says she loved playing Severine in Skyfall.

“It was fantastic to play the Bond girl. I love the characters in Bond movies, they are very high in colour, and you can have lots of fun as a Bond girl.”

Before I know it, my time is over with the Bond girl – an interview I wish never had to end. -Saturday Star