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London - Forget needles — a new craze has got knitters hooked on using just their arms instead.

“Arm-knitting” has taken off in the US, and is becoming popular among British knitters thanks to dozens of “how-to” videos on the internet.

It’s actually much the same as normal knitting. Arm-knitters begin with a large slip knot which they wrap around their right wrist and then proceed just as they would with needles — only using their forearms to create the loops.

The practice is thought to have begun when Andrea Brena, 25, an aspiring Italian designer living in Denmark, posted a video of himself arm-knitting on YouTube for a university project. The results from the trend he has started are impressive - rows tend to be 2.5in to 4in wide, resulting in garments that have a chunky, almost crocheted appearance.

Because of this, arm-knitters mostly stick to making scarves and shawls - though fans claim the technique can be used to create anything from hammocks to ladies’ underwear. Arm-knitting also has one important advantage over regular knitting: speed. A scarf for an adult can be created in just half an hour. - Daily Mail