“Lemme put it this way....the drug addict chose his equal in drug addiction.....nothing personal. The non druggie was always too good for him,” this is how poet Ntsiki Mazwai began what we later learned was shade aimed at AKA and Bonang Matheba, referencing reports that the rapper cheated on DJ Zinhle.

The poet - who is known for her often controversial statements, mostly towards celebrities and prominent figures - has been throwing a lot of shade Bonang Matheba’s way since B allegedly DM’d (direct messaged) her an insulting message.

Just yesterday, she asked if people who listen to Matheba’s show are just used to settling for mediocricy. Mazwai was reffering to Matheba’s popular radio segment called ‘Ask A Man’ on her Metro FM show The Front Row.

Just 21 hours ago, she went on to explain how she has learnt that “Most stories unfold over time”. It was only with the tweet that followed, that we connected the dots.

She wrote, “Now that i know better....i look forward to bumping into @DJZinhle and saying 'guuuuuuurl i was wrong....im sorry.' She went on to say she will delete the original blog where she “bashed” AKA’s ex and baby-mama.

Here are some of the quotes from the original blog where Ntsiki bashed DJ Zinhle in the “open letter” to AKA, Zinhle and Bonang: “From the interviews I have read, Zinhle wanted to get pregnant and she planned this baby….with AKA. It was always Zinhle's intention to have a baby with AKA. I think that was clear.

“Even during that relationship Zinhle was the one posting about AKA….it was hardly the other way round, and quite frankly AKA did not seem excited.

“When Zinhle announced that Bonang stole her man, how amazing that the timing was precisely to dim Bonangs light (sic).”

She added: “Zinhle should have left us to come to our own conclusions about Bonang……she should have NEVER orchestrated a situation where everyone is ganging up on the woman who her man CHOSE!”


The tweets didn’t turn into a thread, but the replies to the tweet were interesting: