Pearl Modiadie

A few months back, media personality Pearl Modiadie took off her engagement ring, without any explanation (not that she owes anybody anything of the sort). 

Pearl is touring Bali, and has been learning how to do it solo.

She has said in various interviews that she would rather not speak about what happened to her engagement or fiance. But apparently South Africans are not the only ones who are curious to know why she is travelling the world solo. 

It seems like she is having the time of her life and may have also finally confirmed that she is single, after she raised some eyebrows for going on a cruise by herself. 
She posted this picture, with the caption, "Got a few raised eyebrows when I mentioned I was here alone after being asked ' Madam, is it you and a partner?' Lol! The lady proceeded to tell me I was the only one who came to the cruise alone 😅! Did I care? Nope! I wanted my dinner , my cocktails and my view of the breathtaking Bali sunset. 

#aPearlinBali #InCharge #Bali I❤Bali 🇮🇩".

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