Prince Kaybee. Picture: Twitter
Prince Kaybee shocked many when he shared a weird tweet, stating that his mother asked to see his penis, and his mother’s reaction was priceless.

The ‘Wajellwa’ hitmaker said his mother was surprised to see his "weird looking penis."

He tweeted: 

“So my mom cums [sic] to me and says…, ‘Kabelo e re ke bone tsubi’, I show it to her and she says…, ‘Joh wa e chesa ne, bona e ntsho jwang’. So according to my mom, a vagina is an oven."

Simply put " Mom asked me show her my penis and she said ‘you are burning it (or overusing it) my boy, look how dark it is.”
Tweeps were left with a lot of questions about this weird conversation between mother and son, and the DJ's choice of words such as "cum" made things more awkward.
Shortly afterwards the singer announces his new song: Some were quick to notice that the penis conversations was just a mere publicity stunt: IOL