Terrence Howard arrives at the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica. Picture: Supplied

Terrence Howard says he has "never been abusive".

The 'Empire' actor has previously been accused of assault by his two ex-wives but he took to Twitter to deny that he has ever been violent in his relationships.

He wrote: "I've never been abusive to anyone in my entire life. I have loved and paid the price for love. I am the same loving being since day 1! (sic)."

It is believed that Terrence's tweets were in response to an interview in the latest issue of PEOPLE in which he said: "I've made terrible mistakes throughout my life."

Terrence, 48, explained on Twitter: "When I say that I've made mistakes, it is not regarding violence but judgement. Trusting the wrong people!"

“I firmly believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Kiss for a [kiss]. This double standard that has permitted abusive women to feel that they can assault a man and not reap where they have sowed is wrong! (sic)."

When one Twitter user tweeted him saying: "You are so right! There are double standard! My best male friend was abused by his wife for years, physically, and verbally," Terrence responded: "As was I. Plain simple truth."

"The cyber space abuse and bullying that has gone unanswered has come to an end!

"You come for me, I come for you. Eye for an eye!

In 2001, Terrence pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct after an incident with his first wife Lori McCommas.

He told Rolling Stone: "She was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids. Her lawyer said it was a closed fist, but even slapping her was wrong."

And he seemed to allude to it in his Twitter rant, saying:

Earlier this year, Terrence's second wife Michelle Ghent – who sued the star in 2015 and accused him of strangling her and threatening to kill her during an argument while on vacation in Costa Rica – filed a request to dismiss the case.

Michelle reportedly decided to walk away from the row after lawyers' fees grew too high to continue.

However, she asked for the suit to be dismissed without prejudice, meaning she could refile it again in the future.

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