Twitter had a field day after Bonang Matheba, known for her diva antics, criticised South African Airways food and SAA's reponse shortly afterwards.
Cape Town  - Many people have their own preferences when it comes to flying on an airplane.

However, when Bonang Matheba, known for her diva antics, complained of the food she received while travelling with South African Airways (SAA), she was lambasted by Twitter.

There were also others who took Bonang's side, complaining of the service that they had apparently received from SAA.

Matheba complained of the couscous saying "@flysaa we don't like the couscous. Also that meal with the stew. Please hey. Also the funny cheese platter what what. Please."

An account that appeared to be South African Airways customer care then responded with a comeback that many would describe as cheeky and 'unprofessional'.

Bonang didn't leave that it laying down and responded by suggesting that she should be owed an apology.

While many criticised her complaint, others took her side and used the opportunity to slam South African Airways.

Twitter called her out for stunt on Twitter.