DJ Black Coffee. Picture: Twitter

​Local musos DJ Black Coffee, Euphonik and DJ Fresh were living their best lives in Miami this weekend.

​​The trio were among the international A-listers attending the American rapper and producer, P Diddy’s party in Miami. 

P Diddy who is known for throwing the best parties in the US, sen​t a big "shout out" to Black Coffee on social media. 

After the party, he tweeted: “Shout out to my brother Black Coffee for bringing the vibrations to another level.” Even Euphonik paid tribute to the living legend. He wrote: “If you’re African please go to bed today comprehending that @RealBlackCoffee hasn’t only opened the door for us. He kicked it wide open.” 

DJ Fresh and P Piddy shared all their memorable moments in a series of snaps and video on Instagram. He also posted numerous videos and pictures of himself, Fistaz Mixwell, Paris Hilton and P.Diddy at Ultra Miami 2017. 

Watch the video that got Black Coffee trending the better part of the weekend and Monday morning.

Miami you heard @diddy

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Ain't no party like a @Diddy party!! #Miami #Ultra #AnotherFreshNight #AintNoPartyLikeADiddyParty

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​The amount of love @ParisHilton has for @RealBlackCoffee is heart warming!!

Sometimes you just wanna jump and scream JUUUST nje nje!!!

The King doing what he does best: