But back to those mini skirts: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Picture: AFP

London - Women who wear skimpy outfits to work may be winning more disapproval than admiring glances, a survey has revealed.

Nearly a third of men – 32 percent – said hotpants are a distraction which should be forbidden in the office.

About 24 percent wanted miniskirts banned, along with 22 percent who would like to see the back of low-cut tops.

Also on the “what not to wear” list were anything with leopard prints – unwanted by 30 percent of men.

See-through or “sheer” tops were beyond the pale for 27 percent of the male workers.

Women’s views are even stronger: 67 percent said hotpants should be forbidden, and 52 percent wanted miniskirts out. Fully half of workers of both sexes wanted hotpants banned.

Other items to get the thumbs down included slogan T-shirts – unwanted by 32 percent – and novelty ties, which 26 percent said are wrong.

Trendy Ugg boots should be banned in the office, said 26 percent, and 23 percent didn’t want to see colleagues in leggings.

The study by the British Heart Foundation marks Rock Up In Red Day on February 1, when people will wear red to the office to support the charity.

Asked about wearing red, 37 percent of women said wearing it makes them feel more confident, and 48 percent named a red dress as the sexiest thing they could wear.

A quarter of women – 26 percent – said a touch of red lipstick boosts their confidence. - Daily Mail