Eminem has blasted Mariah Carey for denying the pair ever dated. The hip-hop star branded the Hero singer a "b***h" while appearing on his own US satellite radio channel, Shade 45.

Eminem - real name Marshall Mathers III - insisted the couple had been an item, despite Mariah denying the claims. He said: "Me and Mariah did have a relationship for about a good six or seven months."

The 34-year-old rapper also claimed the brief romance fell apart due their different personalities. He added: "It didn't work. I wasn't really into what she was into, our personalities collided. She's a diva and I'm a little more regular, I guess. That fact that she denied we ever had something - that's bad."

Eminem was alleged to have dated the pop diva in 2001 when he worked on her Charmbracelet album. However, Mariah denied his claims, saying: "I knew him, I hung out with him a few times, but nothing sexual occurred. Maybe he thought he'd look bad or something".