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London - We all like a natter, but women spend an incredible two months of their lives on the phone... just to their mothers.

Fathers, on the other hand, only get to chat to their daughters for a total of eight days.

Researchers found that women make an average of three calls a week to their mother, with each lasting just over 16 minutes, making 49 minutes a week, two days a year or almost two months between 18 and 50.

But poor old dad is treated to just one call a week lasting less than seven minutes.

The study of 2 000 women for Mobile By Sainsbury’s found two thirds say their mum is the first person they call for advice.

More than one in ten ring their mum at least once a day and 13 percent admit their conversations last half an hour or more.

Six in ten call their mum and talk for hours after spending time with them. A spokesman said: “It’s amazing that, just hours after seeing them, some women can get straight back on the phone to their mum.” - Daily Mail