British singer Will Young. Picture: Supplied/Bang Showbiz

Will Young has revealed he was once threatened with a knife for being gay.

The 'Leave Right Now' singer has recalled his previous experiences of homophobia and has claimed he was threatened with the weapon by a homophobic person.

He said: "I've had to run away from knife threats, hide in shops. I've also taken people on."

He also recalled a particular incident on a street in Oxford, south east England, where he confronted a group of people who were being homophobic.

He added: "The whole of the street turned against them and I think that was a palpable sign of how it's simply not tolerated now."

And Will thinks there needs to be a change to how homophobia is dealt with in schools.

He told the i newspaper: "If you're bullied for, let's say, religion or race or even gender, then hopefully there might be some sanctuary at home. That's not true for LGBT people because quite often there's a shame of coming out at home ... People [who bully] just need to be educated, they don't need to be punished."

It comes after it was revealed Will had signed up for dating app Tinder.

A source said last year: "Will is single and decided to get back out there and join the app. He has a lot going on with his career but would love to share his success with someone special."

And Will is open to using a dating app to find love.

He said: "I never did before because of being famous, but I feel differently now. I know someone who is getting married after meeting online. There are so many ways of people getting together. There are smorgasbords of everything you are looking for. I think I shall become more liberated with the idea."