Done mindfully, the daily chore reduces nervousness and improves well-being, according to scientists.

London - They say a woman’s work is never done – and she’s not likely to get much help from her husband either, according to a new British study.

Researchers have found that more than half of men would not be prepared to swop roles with their wives or girlfriends, with many put off by the thought of running the home, juggling childcare with work and planning weekly meals.

Men confessed that they would dread having to undertake the weekly food shop, getting children ready for school, cleaning and managing household bills.

One in three of the men polled admitted they had the easy option in life, with 43 percent claiming they had “no idea” how their partner was able to multi-task so efficiently.

The study of 1 000 men and 1 000 women showed that 56 percent of men believed they would find it hard if they had to juggle work with childcare every day.

Just under half of the men polled were more than happy to let their partner cook every night, and 46 percent liked their wives or girlfriends to be responsible for the weekly food shop.

In four out of 10 households, women are solely responsible for the running of the house – and clean, pack lunch boxes, book appointments, take the children to clubs and get up in the night if the kids wake. A further seven in 10 men would also dislike having to impress friends and family with their hosting skills and ability to run a beautiful house with “perfect” children.

Interestingly, despite their busy lifestyles, only 27 percent of women would change their lives and swop with their other half.

More than half of women claim that although their partners have less to juggle on a daily basis, they are quite happy with their lot.

Two thirds of women acknowledged the fact that they probably couldn’t do their partner’s job, with six in 10 claiming his job was far more stressful than their average day at home.

A further one third of women also said their other half would be utterly useless in their role. – Daily Mail