Forget the Hangover - bachelor parties are becoming more low-key.

It seems that booze-fuelled bachelor parties filled with strippers are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

A survey conducted by, the US wedding planning website, found that 61 percent of brides-to-be claim that their fiancés are planning “low-key” bachelor parties.

“Tamer” dinners and relaxed drinks are proving to be popular options for grooms-to-be these days.

The survey also found that taking friends out to sporting events and on fishing trips are both proving to be popular options.

Conducted on the website’s Facebook page, the survey received 61 responses from brides; 37 of them said their fiancés didn’t want a wild bachelor event while 24 of them said they did.

Anja Winikka, the website’s director, said: “It may be hard to believe, but the typical booze fest and stripper-filled bachelor parties are losing steam these days. Instead, men are opting for tamer bachelor parties where they enjoy a weekend of golf or fishing with their buddies.

“I’m not saying men aren’t partying at all, but they’re making more mature decisions about how they spend their last bachelor days with the guys.”

Jason Diamond, a 31-year-old writer who was married in February, told the New York Post that when he began planning his own bachelor party he had e-mailed his friends: “NO STRIPPERS”.

“It was dorky,” he told the paper. “But so am I, I admit it.”

He also admitted that his party ended with his friends crashing on his couch to watch a documentary.

Diamond added: “I don’t care what the expectation is. My wife is my best friend, and I look at marriage as growing up and maturing – and traditional bachelor party stuff is the opposite of that, in my book.”

Chris Easter, founder of The Man Registry, which is another wedding planning website, said: “The cliche that all bachelor parties need booze and women is quickly becoming extinct. Men have got the college lifestyle and partying out of their system. Their interests have changed and they don’t require a night of binge drinking to say goodbye to their single life.”

Kristin Koch, senior editor at, agreed with the new school of thought.

“Before, it was always, ‘the boys will play and the women will have their spa day’,” she said. “But it’s not so much about the Vegas party with strippers any more. No one’s thinking that is the last hurrah any more.” – Daily Mail