Last night's episode of Come Dine With Me: South Africa, which was in the windy city of Port Elizabeth, was simply delightful.

That’s because the most used word was delightful, all thanks to first host, Gwendoline Zwiegelaar. The 24 year old Sales Rep added the word ‘delightful’ at the end of every meal on her menu, thus setting the tone.

Other contestants included a former Mr Port Elizabeth, Garneth Jaggers who most people felt looked like rapper AKA, dog trainer Cardel Lippstreu and a ceramicist, Lee Hensberg who confessed to be 46 but going on 25. Yes I was left confused too.

Viewers were treated to Garneth modelling around in his pink underwear and although he thought is would have scored him extra points, it did the complete opposite placing him last.

Some of the meals served did no sit very well with most of the guests, with all complaining about at least one course. Gwen hated the ostrich Cardel served even though non-meat eater Lee tried it. Garneth hated the bone marrow Lee served, everyone hated it actually. And Cardel did not find Garneth’s butternut and bacon soup appetising either.   

Gwen, who was hilarious without even trying won the 10 thousand rand prize money at the end.

Here is how social media reacted:

When Lee served bone marrow