Chris Forrester and Pete Goffe-Wood. Picture: Supplied

Comedian Chris Forrester is teaming up with celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood for their third serving of Don’t Burn Your Sausage cooking show. 

The three-day affair (from September 22 to 24) at Emperors Palace is a whimsical show that fuses comedy and cooking with a live audience. We caught up with the Chris Forrester to chat about the show.

“The actual show is the most juiceful cooking demonstration you will ever see in your life. “It is all about how to use the main course to get a little bit of dessert, and cooking to impress a partner. It’s a cooking comedy show; it’s very funny and it’s a marriage of food and sex, and everything in between.”

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Asked about the reason behind the title (Don’t Burn Your Sausage), Forrester said: “It’s a sort of a pun on the whole sausage thing.

“It comes from the old saying that ‘don’t cook breakfast in the nude, or you might burn your sausage’.

“As much as it’s called Don’t Burn Your Sausage, it is what we say on the poster a “whisk-que” show, there is no swearing or anything like that. It’s all innuendo, and that type of stuff.”

Forrester believes the show is sure to tickle the fancy of people who enjoy good food, wine and a good old giggle here and there.

“If you are a foodie, you will really enjoy the food side of it. If you are a comedy fan, you will enjoy the comedy side of it. If you enjoy sex, then it’s a show for you.”

Being a comedian for so long, and being often referred to as a legend in the industry, there has to be a signature of some sort that sets one apart from the rest as a comedian, and what better way than crazy bets you have with your friends. This is what Forrester says will be in store for the audience if the show sells out.

“When we had a little exhibition that started in Grahamstown at the (National) Arts Festival, we took a bet with one of my co-comics called Deep Friedman that whoever had a sold-out show, had to do it naked. We had a sold-out show first, so we did it naked, so it’s now a little tradition - whenever it’s sold out, we do it naked, but we wear an apron,” said Forrester.

The show will be live, but not broadcast on television.

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“Basically, what happens is that me and Pete on stage, we actually cook a three-course meal which is a starter, main and dessert or, as we like to call it, foreplay, intercourse and afterglow.

“We chat while we cook; Pete does most of the cooking, that is where his strength lies. He is a brilliant chef, he is also a funny man, and then I chat to him while he cooks.

“I do help a little bit with the cooking. We’ve got headsets on so we do comedy while we cook, and we discuss other things, and we have a good laugh. We’ve been called the Top Gear of cooking shows.

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“We talk about (what to do) if you want to impress your partner - these are the things you should do in order to get your partner in the mood, and we talk about the similarity between the food and sex, the things you should, and shouldn’t do if you want to impress someone with food.

There are certain types of booze they have to stay away from; that kind of thing.”

Recipe cards will be available for those bold enough to try out the recipes at home.

* Food stands, craft beer and wine will be available.