Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland says Beyonce and Michelle Williams are her "soulmates".

The 33-year-old singer is "thankful" for the bond she has with her former Destiny's Child bandmates, and also her friendships with

LaLa Anthony, Angie Beyince and Solange Knowles.

She told website Hello Beautiful: "I believe in soul mates. I believe soul mates are not just in relationships, but they're in friendships.

"I have soul mates through Beyoncé and Michelle and Angie and Solange and LaLa. I have soul mates. I'm so thankful for that too, because I think they understand you."

The 'Kisses Down Low' hitmaker - who married manager Tim Witherspoon last month - claims to have a special connection with her friends and they know she has a problem even before she tells them.

She said: "If there's something on my heart or my mind, before I can even pick up the phone, one of them is calling me saying, 'What are you doing? Are you OK?'

"We're connected and I think that's such a beautiful thing. It's the greatest gift you can have."

And if she ever falls out with her female pals, Kelly doesn't want her spouse or any of their partners getting involved.

Asked if men should wade in to problems, she replied: "Stay out. It's called female drama for a reason unless you have a vagina." – Bang Showbiz