Ed Sheeran. Picture. Supplied
From the moment I popped Divide into my CD player, I couldn’t stop playing Ed Sheeran’s third album.

I’m a fan of this celebrated 26-year-old award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer.

That said, I have to say this is his best album to date. I’m not saying that the other two releases are forgettable – far from it – but this one immediately strikes a chord.

Sheeran is an artist who reflects his head-space in his albums. Divide is a portal into a more mature side of him and his current romantic disposition.

He also pays homage to his roots and his humble beginnings on the album, where he also wears the hat of co-writer and co-producer on most of the 12 tracks.

Before looking at the songs on the album, though, Sheeran’s music journey started taking shape in 2004. Back then, he was a talented but unrecognised musician.


That didn’t disillusion him. If anything, it saw him persevere with gigs on the local scene, networking and performing with others of his ilk – some more established than he was.

His career trajectory shares similarities with Justin Bieber’s rise to fame when he was signed by Usher – not that I’m comparing the two in the least. But Sheeran’s luck changed when Jamie Foxx happened upon him at The Foxxhole. Their fortuitous run-in helped Sheeran realise his dream and it wasn’t long after that he was making the right kind of waves.

Today, he owns the stage. He’s a favourite for winning at the most prestigious music award ceremonies. Not that he doesn’t already have his fair share of wins from the Grammys and Brits awards.

What I love about this artist, though, is that, while he is cognisant of the preferences of his fans, he doesn’t pander to pop culture. Instead, he gives his work meaning with powerful lyrics and mesmerising vocals.

Right now, YouTube is saturated with cute videos of people breaking out into beautifully synchronised moves to Shape of You.

This song is catchy and the perfect track to get down to at the club.

When I listened to the album – too many times to keep track off – there were a few songs that just evoked such powerful sentiments.

Dive remains my absolute favourite ballad on the album. The lyrics for Perfect and New Man are inescapably profound.

Sheeran’s songs flow from one tune to the next. They are wonderfully infused with pop and hip-hop and boast a very soulful edge.

This multi-talented and well-loved ginger-haired musician, who is also making inroads on the acting front and is reportedly in the upcoming Game of Thrones hit series, has delivered an album that is rhythmically perfect and commercially appealing.