OPW's bride Snenhlanhla. Picture: Twitter

Snenhlanhla and Mluleki’s story is that of resilience, endurance and patience. Last night’s couple on Our Perfect Wedding proved to be the epitome of love, sacrifice and strength.

Like most couples, Snenhlanhla and Muleki met, exchange numbers and fell love. Fast forward two years later, Snenhlanhla fell pregnant.

Being a pastor’s kid, Snenhlanhla said she had to move out of her parents home.

She only told her mother about the pregnancy and not her father.

“I didn’t want to bring shame to my family, so I had to move out before people started noticing that I’m pregnant.”

The couple stayed together in Soweto, facing all sorts of challenges including unemployment (both were not working at time).

They had to ask for money from their parents in order to survive.

Snenhlanhla said her mother advised her to write a letter to her dad, telling him that she is pregnant.

“I wrote a letter, but stating that I would come back home with a degree,” she said, hoping that her ambition to improve herself would soften the blow.

“I was very disappointed,” Snenhlanhla’s father said

Mluleki then stepped up to the plate and decided to do the “right thing”.

“There’s nothing that beats courage and manning-up, taking up responsibilities and I decided that the best thing is to do what is right.

“I paid damages and lobola,” he said.

After lobola was paid, Snenhlanhla’s family accepted the relationship.

Shortly afterwards, the construction company which the couple owned went under, resulting in the duo being unemployed again. They consequently moved back to their respective homes.

But the resilient couple found employment again.

Mluleki proposed and they invited OPW to celebrate their love.

Their wish list was a bit baffling though: dessert, bride’s hair and cake.

The blue, white and grey theme was well executed – it coordinated well with decor, cake and the groom and groomsmens’ suits and bridesmaids’ navy blue dress.

There was a little hiccup with the style but, as usual, OPW’s lovely host came to the bride’s rescue.

Nomsa asked her hairstylist for assistance and, like the pro that she is, she nailed those curls and the bride was ecstatic.

Day Two was a winner as well, with Nomsa rocking her Xhosa outfit. She really looked amazing, so clearly her stylist was in top form.

The bride and groom looked stunning in their matching white Xhosa outfits.

The Batswana traditional dancers added to the festivities as the newlyweds, their families and guests danced the night away.