Boyz II Men form part of the VH1 Greatest R&B of the 90s playlist on MTV.

• VH1 Greatest R&B Songs of ‘90s, MTV Base, 17.30

Calling all fans of 1990s R&B – do you remember all your favourite songs? Or are you having a little trouble achieving total recall? No worries, party people, cause VH1’s 40 Greatest R&B Songs of the ‘90s will have you experiencing New Jack flashbacks for two hours straight. We will be counting down the hottest, smoothest and sexiest songs from one of the genre’s most exciting eras.


• Parks and Recreation IV, M-Net Series Zone, 17.30

Leslie has to break up with Ben or follow her dream of running for office. Ann is forced to dispense medical advice after making an unexpected diagnosis.


• Doof, AfricaMagic, 18.00

This show features several trips out of the conventional four-walled kitchen, sourcing ingredients with “the boys” and a few celebrities and even kids, who also get to help prepare some scrumptious meals. The show is hosted by Arthur K Mwai and Ngacha Githinji.


• America’s Dark Secrets Declassified, Travel Channel, 22.00

America has several places that have been deemed mysterious for a long time, but nothing much could be done because of a lack of the right technology. Now that that problem no longer stands in the way as technology has rapidly advanced, we get to follow scientists as they unearth some of the most intriguing information about America’s history.