Chiwetel Ejiofor stars in 12 Years a Slave which has been nominated multiple times for the 71st Golden Globe Awards.

• 71st Golden Globe Awards, M-Net, DStv Channel 101, 8.30pm

While The Long Walk To Freedom only got one nomination, we look forward to seeing who else will win in these prestigious awards. Films like Chiwetel Ejiofor’s 12 Years a Slave and Sandra Bullock’s Gravity are up for many awards. Who is your money on?


• Rookie Blue, Universal Channel, DStv Channel 117, 6.20pm

Watch as a team of novices learn everything there is to know about being a cop, from holding a gun to reading someone their rights. They are all clumsy at first, but no show has quite gone back to the basics as this one so it is worth seeing good cops start out their dangerous careers.


• The Fast and the Furious, M-Net Movies Showcase, DStv Channel 108, 9.30pm

We still mourn the much-loved Paul Walker who died, ironically in a car accident. This is the first of the films that really made him famous and you can find out why. He plays crooked cop Brian O’Conner who blurs the lines between the law and his own personal desires.


• Airport 24/7: Miami, Travel Channel, DStv Channel 179, 11pm

It may be pricey to wrap your luggage in plastic at the airport, but once you watch this show you will understand why it is important that you do. From basic hand luggage to big bags, random thorough searches take place at Miami Airport and you don’t want to have something you didn’t put there being found.