Mbalenhle Maphumulo. Picture: Supplied
Mbalenhle Maphumulo. Picture: Supplied
Mbalenhle Maphumulo. Picture: Supplied
Mbalenhle Maphumulo. Picture: Supplied
Mbalenhle Maphumulo. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips
Mbalenhle Maphumulo. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips

“Pregnant women really are a forgotten minority (in the fashion world) and I just brought them closer to society,” says the actress and fashion designer Enhle Mbali Maphumulo.

Being a style icon herself, Maphumulo was showcasing her second installment of her latest autumn/winter maternity collection called SE Preggoz at Carabella Trendy Moms in Rosebank.

This collection is far from your typical maternity wear.

It consists of seven styles, and a bohemian-inspired winter collection, which exemplifies a stylish, trendy, simple yet elegant modern woman.

“I pride myself in my that my stuff being proudly South African. It is extremely affordable , the quality is amazing. Stitching is absolutely strong and it’s not Chinese quality, it’s South African quality,” says Maphumulo.

Her first collection was launched 2 years ago and it was so well received that it sold out within 3 weeks of its debut. Her passion for designing was awakened while visiting the US – she was pregnant with her first child at the time. Mlotshwa explained how she struggled to find clothes that gave her the perfect balance of comfort and style.

The brand itself is inspired by women wanting to feel great especially during their pregnancy.

“When you’re pregnant, you tend to feel like you’re the ignored minority that everyone doesn’t like, hence SE Preggoz”, adds Maphumulo.

When speaking about the inspiration behind her collection, Maphumulo, beaming with excitement, explains, “I had an obsession with cowboys and that happened when I was in LA last year. I met a couple of girls in my class and they were from Texas and I thought they look so cool.

“They were constantly in simplistic clothing , shirts and denim and boots everyday.

SE Preggoz models. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips

I thought I love this, let me play around with this in my next range as you know the last range was tracksuits, New York inspired feel, and this time I took to Texas and the denim worked.”

Her clothes are so versatile that, post pregnancy, she’s still wearing hers all the time.

“I create my clothes in a fully stylistic way, it’s not a pregnancy thing, it’s pre, post and during pregnancy. I create my clothes in such a way that if you’re feeling like looking stylish without trying too hard, you just pop into your maternity closet and you look amazing.

Enhle Maphumulo. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips

“I still do it now, I come on set and (they) people, ask where did you get yes it can be done.”

She explains, “I’ve been pregnant twice as we all know I have two extremely energetic boys ...someone interrupted her from the crowd and asked if was pregnant again and she said NO! They(sons) keep me on my toes constantly and that is why this (project) is so close to my heart.”

Maphumulo dazzled in a “peachy pink” two piece bell-bottom suit, and a red belt. And she was rocking her short hair do!