Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram

TV personality Bonang Matheba shared her version of why she "cut" Somizi out of her life in best selling book, 'Bonang From A to B', and everyone is eagerly waiting on Somizi's response. 

He, however, seems unperturbed by her 'confession', and remains mum on the matter.

Enter music producer Euphonik and boom, he drops a perfectly timed tweet that could only be directed at Queen B herself.

He tweeted: "Let me take drugs. Cry wolf. Accuse and lie about some people. Believe my own lies. Wreck some homes, take more drugs then write a book."

But he didn't stop there. Just hours after his first tweet, Euphonik dealt another two 'blows'.

Will Somizi ever respond to Bonang's allegation that she ended her friendship with him due to the fact that he befriended her abuser? Time will tell. 

But we're pretty sure he had good ol' "ooh shem" chuckle at Euphonik's tweets.