Pokemon developer, Game Freak will reportedly release a new “core” RPG Pokémon titled game next year on Nintendo Switch. Source: Aitoff

CAPE TOWN - Pokemon developer, Game Freak will reportedly release a new “core”  Pokémon game next year. 

President of The Pokémon Company reportedly said in 2017 that a core RPG title will be released on Nintendo Switch from Game Freak. 

However, few details have been let known about the launch of the new game. 

In other Pokémon news, the company announced in March this year new features for Pokemon GO and it falls under a concept called “research,” which includes daily tasks as well as actual story missions to make the game more interactive.

Field research has players getting a list of tasks from pokéstops, which involve simple objectives like catching specific monsters or engaging in battles.

         File image: Pokémon Go. (Reuters). 

The field research tasks have a daily structure to them which include:

1. Players will get a stamp each day they complete a task,

2. When they reach seven stamps, they’ll earn in-game rewards. 

3. In some cases, that will include a rare encounter with one of the game’s legendary pokémon.

More interesting, though, is “special research,” which the developer says involves “story-driven activities that may be requested by Professor Willow himself, and will unfold as the trainer completes more objectives.”

The story will include a mythical pokémon Mew, which is also being added to the game. It’s the biggest update to the game since December when Niantic introduced real-world weather conditions to Pokémon Go. 

File image: Pokémon. (Bloomberg).
File image: Pokémon. (Bloomberg).

The new update will be available to players this week.

Just when you thought it laid to rest, the game is brought back to life. 

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