Days Gone. Picture: Instagram

"Days Gone" has been on many gamer’s mind since its reveal back at E3 2016. We’ve been waiting to see what this post apocalyptic open world experience would be like and more importantly, if it would be as good as some of the other top-tier exclusives on the PlayStation 4.

The answer is a bit of a mixed bag with the game featuring some great moments here and there as you progress through Deacon St John’s story, but most of these take place after the halfway point. 

It’s a little disappointing that it takes that long for both the gameplay and narrative to become a little more interesting, but it’s quite a bit of fun to play. Additionally, the story features some great character interaction. The way people talk to each other feels natural and ultimately makes each character come across as authentic.

Deacon is also a biker and as such, its importance is great. Upgrading and taking care of your bike makes it feel as if it’s a companion that is with you wherever you go.

"Days Gone" is a fun but flawed experience. It may not be the open world version of The Last of Us we were hoping it would be, but it’s still pretty enjoyable.