Actor Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard at the European Premiere of the film 'The Rum Diaries' in Kensington district in London on November 3, 2011. Photo: Max Nash

Amber Heard got intimate with Johnny Depp as his relationship with Vanessa Paradis fell apart - but she wasn’t the only one.

According to the Daily Mail, sources claim the actor was involded with his ‘Dark Shadows’ co-star Eva Green, and his publicist Robin Baum.

Depp hasn’t really tried to hide his current relationship with Heard as his 14-year union with the mother of his two young children ended, but he did deny an affair with Green. The rumours of a relationship with Baum, however, have been brewing for quite some time and according to sources quoted on RadarOnline, Paradis was aware that there was more to Baum’s relationship with her man than business.

“Robin and Johnny spend a lot of time together obviously because of work but their relationship seems to be getting much closer than just business,” the source said.

“Robin is twice divorced and a mom but she and Johnny really seem to have some kind of crazy connection that goes way beyond a professional level.

“They travel a lot together for work and get to spend a lot of time together and they definitely have a total flirty vibe between them. I would put money on them having more than just a friendly relationship.

“She (Paradis) knew that Johnny and Robin were together a lot and she didn’t like it, but there was nothing she could do because it was a working relationship she was told.”

Meanwhile, Heard has been a regular visitor at the New Mexico set of ‘The Lone Ranger’ where Depp is filming. Depp has even bought Heard a horse, so that the two can go riding together. - IOL