Pics by Alex Kamutondole
K.O is an elusive artist. And because of this, perceptions of him (whether accurate or not) tend to stick. “I am not good at putting out a certain image of myself,” he explains. 

“Whether I’m a good person or not, I’m not making a conscious effort for people out there. So you will base it on: ‘Oh, so people are leaving Cashtime. The only successful guy at Cashtime is K.O and he calls himself Mr Cashtime. Wait, so the fact that he’s the only guy succeeding there and people are leaving means they’re probably fed up with his bull**** because he just wants to be the only guy." 

On his upcoming sophomore, which he says should be coming in the next few months, he decided to be more open and personal. “No one really knows my personal story," he says. 

"Why not? Because I’ve never put it out there. So after so many years in the game people don’t know my story, which works to my advantage now because here we are, second album, and only now am I tapping into my story. I still have a whole lot of content that can last me for about five albums of just personal stuff.

"For the first time in my career I’m putting out a biographical album where people will know about my family, my challenges coming up as a kid, where I am right now as a man - talking about love and loyalty and all those things. I’m now comfortable delving into that, letting people see the makings of K.O.”

* This is part two in our three-part exclusive interview with K.O