A scene from Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games.Picture Supplied

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is an extravaganza of extremes. It is rich, opulent, lavish and unrestrained. 

The men are mainstays of masculinity, the women immaculate troves of femininity. Romance is sizzling, seduction is flagrant, evil is brooding, conflicts are ferocious and victory is sweet. 

The dancing is invigorating and the verve of the entire experience electrifying. It leaves one thoroughly mesmerised.

In its latest edition the production’s traditional Geist is preserved but is fused with technological expertise into what can best be described as a sensory feast.

The show features cutting edge technology including a giant radiant flat screen that spans the width of the stage. The use of audio-visual effects can often overshadow and engulf a production, but with performances this strong, it merely, yet vividly, enhances the action on stage by adding a mythical context of unfolding fantasy.

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James Keegan is a dance sensation. He is charming and charismatic, yet he has a strong and powerful command. 

Keegan is not a Michael Flatley clone. He brings his own persona to the character of Lord of the Dance. His youthful vitality and vigour is riveting. Not only is his dance wizardry simply baffling, his showmanship is most appealing. His handsome good looks undeniably frame the picture finely. 

Dance sensation James Keegan brings his own persona to the character of Lord of the Dance. Picture: Brian Doherty

What Flatley did endow him with is a sense of unforced confidence that makes his performance electrifying.

The magic of the illustrious dance sequences lies in the dancers’ rigorous precision, their flawless unison, and the meticulous attention to every choreographic detail. The impact of the dancers’ performances is exhilarating.

The Lord of the Dance legacy now spans two decades. It has been reinventing itself through the years. Dangerous Games launches this Irish dance “institution” into a complete new strata and it makes or an unforgettable evening at the theatre.

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