A friend and I were chatting about the hottest shows on TV available at the moment and he couldn’t stop raving about Mad Dogs.

When our chat ended, he insisted: “You have to watch the show… let me know what you think.”

With work being so crazy busy, I was too exhausted to get around to doing so until the past weekend.

There were several episodes on DStv Catch Up.

I decided to see what the fuss was. Almost four hours later, I was not only hooked, I was frustrated about not having more episodes to binge on.

Mad Dogs is like the love-child of Weekend at Bernie’s and The Hangover.

It starts with a reunion of four long-time college friends – Joel (Ben Chaplin), Lex (Michael Imperioli), Gus (Romany Malco) and Cobi (Steve Zahn) – who arrive at the airport in Berlize.

They have been invited by Milo (Billy Zane), the alpha in the group. Did I mention, he is stupidly rich?

What starts off like a crazy-ass boys’ holiday at a private beach mansion soon spirals into a hot mess when Milo is murdered by the local crime boss.

The four friends soon find themselves roped into a series of life-threatening misadventures. These include dodging a dirty female cop, trying to appease a midget hitman called The Cat, bribing a local pharmacy worker and unwittingly being roped into a drug deal while trying to get the hell out of town as fast as they can.

However, every escape plan they come up with is marvellously foiled.

And so every episode culminates with them dodging another bullet, so to speak.

Amid all of this, there are underlying frustrations and unspoken beefs that surface, which leaves them at each other’s throats at times.

Ironically, the seemingly weakest personalities in the group become the strongest when dealing with the crises they are faced with.

Mad Dogs is laden with comedy, crime, suspense and drama. The plot seems preposterous to begin with. But you can’t stop yourself from willingly joining them on this rollercoaster ride of unadulterated mayhem.

● Mad Dogs airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Thursdays at 11.30pm.