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Mac Miller (pictured) may be a rapper, but he’d probably be better off trying comedy.

If you have listened to his latest album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, you’ll know he has a funny bone. In his song Avian he equates his anger to being “p***ed off like a blind person looking for a restroom”. He later apologizes, but you’d have chuckled already.

Although his style is influenced by acts like The Fugees and Wiz Kalifa, the man is often compared to multiply Grammy award winner Eminem. Even Donald Trump is on record as saying Miller is the new Marshall Mathers, a thing the rapper takes as a huge compliment.

But two albums in, Miller, who hails from Pittsburgh, seems to have lost the plot. His love for music seems to be diluted by his flirtatious relationship with TV. He seems to be doing more work on TV than in the studio.

For most of last year, Miller took part in the rappers’ TV game show, Hip Hop Squares. While other prominent rappers like DJ Khaled and Fabolous came and went, Miller seemed to be a regular on the show.

Now, coming to MTV Base, is another TV show which features Miller as its main subject. Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family is a reality series which follows the rapper as he relocates to Los Angeles with his closest friends.

The reason for the move was said to be in the interests of recording Watching Movies with the Sound Off.

Miller is joined by his closest buddies Quentin, Jimmy, Peanut and Big Dave.

Quentin is the numbers guy and good with business matters so he handles that side of Miller’s life.

Jimmy is known for his creativity and serves as an inspirational sounding board.

Then there is Peanut, the entrepreneur who has the most innovative ways to make Miller’s material appealing to his fans. This also goes with the merchandise that come with the man’s music.

Big Dave is just that, a big dude called Dave and, as you guessed, he is the muscle of the group.

So there you have it, Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family will be coming into your home in a reality show format to show you their new life in Los Angeles. While you may be fooled into thinking the TV show is about the music, it is not. Like other musicians who’ve been bitten by the reality series bug, Miller will spend little time actually making music. Instead, we will see him “living it up” in California.

The one plus, especially for hip hop fans, is that they will have several rappers featuring on some tracks or just throwing parties for Miller. If you want to know what the latest hip hop fashions are, or how rappers behave outside of the studio, then Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family is a perfect guide.


• Catch Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family next Thursday at 9pm on MTV Base (DStv channel 322).